NL Acoustics


Our mission is to extract all the information sound can offer and transform it into an understandable format that creates concrete value.

It is fascinating how much information sound contains, especially the sound we cannot hear. For the most part, we have noticed that only a few people understand the opportunities hidden in sound, and that even fewer utilize them.

With this in mind, we aim to be the leading provider of acoustics-based predictive maintenance solutions.

This goal, and our desire to be a thought leader in our field, coincides with our vision to develop advanced solutions that take diagnostics based on sound to a completely new level. When we first started, our solutions were good at one thing: locating sounds. Today, our portfolio has grown to cover solutions that combine the localization of sounds, advanced machine learning-powered software, and cloud solutions that together extract an enormous amount of value out of sound.

Our customers’ needs have guided us every step of the way and continue to set our focus. We are proud to say our solutions save our clients time and money all around the world as we continue to tread this path. In the years to come, we will continue to create easy-to-use, cutting-edge technology solutions that transform sound into value.


The story of NL Acoustics starts in early 2015 with nothing more than two engineers with a passion for acoustics and advanced monitoring solutions. Our founders Kai Saksela and Jonas Nyberg met at a mutual friend’s housewarming party and started discussing the untapped possibilities of sound. The market clearly had both a need for and a lack of a certain type of solution: easy-to-use products that could recognize and find all of the important information in sound and turn it into concrete value.


Saksela and Nyberg quickly agreed that sound provided a business opportunity worth pursuing, and swiftly got to work on the first product prototypes—one of which was to become the first successful product of NL Acoustics, the NL Camera.


With time, what started as a late-night idea grew into a solid operation: the products’ application fields became more specific, the garage used for prototyping was replaced by a production space and an office, and the company went from a two-man venture to a fully operational team. Even though our scope has changed, some things never will: our focus will always be on our customers, solving their problems with our solutions, and providing them with evident value.