SUTO products play a vital role in applications of leading worldwide companies for the measurement and monitoring of compressed air and gases systems. This is because of your interest to join us on our way to rethink traditional methods for the better, and thus open doors to a new level of time-efficient measurement.
Thomas Fischer (Founder and CEO of SUTO)Thomas Fischer (Founder and CEO of SUTO)
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Since its founding in 2005, SUTO (formerly known as CS-iTEC) has never stopped innovating reliable measurement technology. Besides a few merchandise articles, all SUTO products are developed and manufactured in-house - with a strong focus on quality and customer benefits. For us, service implies being close to our customers, finding individual solutions and reacting quickly when needed. We achieve this service definition through our international presence - with main locations in Germany, China, Asia and USA as well as long-term partners in over 50 Countries.

We are able to bring together the German pursuit of precision and quality with the Asian drive for innovation and speed, four attributes that are essentials for any market leader.

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Foundation of CS Instruments in Shenzhen. The founders are Engineers of the leading German measurement instrument manufacturer Testo. CS Instruments (Shenzhen) build a close cooperation with the German CS Messtechnik GmbH, took charge of the product development for the CS group and started its sales/marketing activities in Asia.



Our first participation at the PTC exhibition in Shanghai and our first international sales convention in Shenzhen.



A full new range of new measurement instruments has been created and developed by us: flow meters, dew point sensors, displays, data loggers and software.



Opening our production facilities and calibration laboratory in Shenzhen.



Introduction of the new flow meter series S450/452. This product series opened us new markets in industrial and hazardous environments.
Foundation of our first sales and service subsidiary in Malaysia.



Opening of our own production facilities in Germany and introduction of the new portable dewpoint meter S505, which sets a new standard in dew point measurement with pressure, dew point and temperature in one sensor.



Separation from our cooperation partner and rebranding in CS-iTEC to distinguish us from the former partner. End of this year we started our sales activities through the new team in Germany.
ISO 9001 certification.



Market launch of the innovative dew point sensor based on QCM technology. After years ofresearch the own sensor element was ready for the market.



Another milestone in innovation with the launch of the portable oil vapor sensor S120. First participation at the Hanover COMVAC show in Germany.



Measuring flow directly at the compressor discharge point is a challenge. S430 flow sensor is designed exactly for this application and provides accurate and stable measurements in this extreme application.



The S600 is the world wide first portable all-in-one purity analyzer for compressed air. It measures dew point, particles and oil vapor and includes data logging and reporting software.
Launch of our new brand SUTO for our international markets outside Asia.



SUTO introduces a completely new range of flow meters, the S415 and S418 flow meters for compressed air and gases.
The thermal mass flow meters offer compressed air flow and consumption measurement directly at the point of use. They are designed to be seamlessly integrated into your compressed air system. The S418 comes with an integrated pressure measurement and an internal data logger which records all values for later analysis. This makes the new flow meters a perfect addition to our product range.



SUTO held its International Sales convention in Shenzhen with over 80 participants from all around the world.

The convention enabled our partners, subsidiaries and clients to expand their knowledge and to exchange their experience with each others.




SUTO iTEC GmbH in Germany moves to a new building. The space of 1000 m² enables SUTO to expand the operations and to continue with the steady growth.




  • Trusted worldwide and proven measurement technology
  • German precision and quality plus Asian drive for innovation and speed
  • Outstanding customer service with international presence in 25+ countries